Events and Activities

Our Club takes part in many events during the year. These events contribute significantly to our local community and also provide a fun time for the radio operators. If you haven’t taken part in any yet, check out our links and consider joining in. You will get to know your fellow Hams and have a good time while helping our Community.

Here is a partial list of some of the Events we’ve participated in over the past while:

  • MS Walk-a-thon
  • CIBC Run For The Cure
  • JOTA – Scouting Jamboree on the Air
  • GOTA – Guides On The Air
  • Terra Cotta Bicycle Race
  • Field Day
  • Emergency Preparedness Week
  • ARES for Emergency Planner students
  • Simulated Emergency Tests
  • HAM-EX – Ontario’s Best Amateur Radio Demonstration & Flea Market