Packet and digital modes

IMG_4477Packet Radio is enjoying an upsurge in our area, largely as a result of people seeing its value as an efficient means of communicating in emergency situations. But it sure isn’t limited to emergencies!

While the traditional method of using a computer, a TNC (terminal node controller) and a radio is the easiest, with modern computers and good soundcards, you can eliminate the expense of the TNC.

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Here is the latest on our Packet System:

Nodes and Frequencies used in the GTA West – Updated 08-Feb-2010

Callsign Frequency Type Location Note
VA3OG-10 145.030 via TNC or Internet Brampton World-wide Internet Access
VA3BAL 145.630 Net-Rom Node Ballantrae Connectivity to Barrie, Muskoka, Oshawa MORE1
VE3CON 145.030 TCP/IP TNOS  Etobicoke Has full service BBS, VE3CON-7
VA3LNK-10 145.610 N1UNO TCP/IP Node Halton Hills Connectivity to VE3INF, USA, UK via internet. Connect from VE3PKG
VE3PKG 145.610 Net-Rom Node Halton Hills See VA3LNK-10
VE3QSK-7 145.750 KA-Node Burlington Status unknown
VE3HAL-7 145.750 KA-Node Milton Status unknown
VE3OAK-7 145.750 KA-Node Oakville Status unknown

Note: If greyed out, current status is unknown.

Public BBS’s in the GTA West.

Callsign Frequency Type Location Note
VE3BAL-2 145.630 FBB BBS Ballantrae  Forwarding
VE3PRC-2 145.010 FBB BBS Brampton  Similar to BBSBAL
VE3CON 145.030 TCP/IP Etobicoke Connectivity via Internet
VA3LNK-4 145.610 FBB BBS Halton Hills Similar to BBSBAL
VE3QSK-1 145.750 KA-BBS Burlington  
VE3HAL-1 145.750 KA-BBS Milton  
VE3OAK-1 145.750 KA-BBS Oakville  

Note: Greyed out means status is unknown at present.