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The Peel Amateur Radio Club (PARC) is a general interest ham club located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.  Within the club, there are several sub-groups that support special interests.  The Home Brew Group (HBG) is made up of the building enthusiasts in the club.

The HBG was founded in 2003 by Frank Roberts VE3FAO and held its first Buildathon in April of that year.  Since then we have presented over 25 Buildathons. We began with only 8 members in the group and over the years we’ve grown to an average of 15 members who meet once a month to discuss various subjects pertaining to building your own amateur radio equipment and accessories.

Our Buildathons regularly attract up to 30 builders from radio clubs across the province. We’ve built a variety of ham radio projects from a simple Iambic keyer to a Scalar Network Analyzer.  Many of the Buildathon projects have been designed by members of the HBG.  We produce our own circuit boards where necessary and write a comprehensive manual to support each project.  PARC HBG projects have been displayed at both Ham-EX and FDIM where our “Let’s Build Something” (LBS) won first place.

Membership to the HBG is open to anyone with an interest in building their own electronic equipment.