Field Day 2015

Here are the details for this year’s Field Day:

Date: June 27, 2015 starting at 2pm to June 28th, 2015 ending 2pm

Location: Flowertown Community Centre at the southwest corner of Queen and McLaughlin.

Our Stations:

GOTA (Get on the Air): Run by Edmondo ITA
Digital Tent: Run by Richard RMU
80/20 Tent: Run by Gord GKN
40/15 Tent: Run by Rick ADT
All Band CW: Run By Pierre PM
Satellite – Kevin KHH

The stations are planned to be positioned in the same locations as last year. A ground map will be provided shortly for planning purposes.

Where we can use your help:

The Welcome Tent: We’d like someone to head up the welcome tent for the general public for field day.

Bonus Points: someone to help with insuring that we get the max bonus points for Field Day.

Operators and Logging! – every station is going to need help in logging stations and in operating in shifts! Please get in contact with the station leaders to what times are available. If you need contact info, or you have any further questions, email me at

73 de Joe VA3POR