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2021 Field Day Bulletin Schedule

ARLX008 2021 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule

QST de W1AW  
Special Bulletin 8  ARLX008
From ARRL Headquarters  
Newington CT  June 21, 2021
To all radio amateurs 


ARLX008 2021 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule

Day      Mode     Pacific    Mountain   Central   Eastern   UTC

FRIDAY   CW       5:00 PM    6:00 PM    7:00 PM   8:00 PM   0000 (Sat)
        Digital  6:00 PM    7:00 PM    8:00 PM   9:00 PM   0100
        Phone    6:45 PM    7:45 PM    8:45 PM   9:45 PM   0145
        CW       8:00 PM    9:00 PM   10:00 PM  11:00 PM   0300

SATURDAY CW       7:00 AM    8:00 AM    9:00 AM  10:00 AM   1400
        Phone    8:00 AM    9:00 AM   10:00 AM  11:00 AM   1500
        CW       5:00 PM    6:00 PM    7:00 PM   8:00 PM   0000 (Sun)
        Digital  6:00 PM    7:00 PM    8:00 PM   9:00 PM   0100
        Phone    6:45 PM    7:45 PM    8:45 PM   9:45 PM   0145

SUNDAY   CW       7:00 AM    8:00 AM    9:00 AM  10:00 AM   1400
        Phone    8:00 AM    9:00 AM   10:00 AM  11:00 AM   1500
        Digital  9:00 AM   10:00 AM   11:00 AM  12:00 PM   1600

W1AW will operate on its regularly published frequencies.

CW frequencies are 1.8025, 3.5815, 7.0475, 14.0475, 18.0975,
21.0675, 28.0675, 50.350, and 147.555 MHz.

Digital frequencies are 3.5975, 7.095, 14.095, 18.1025, 21.095,
28.095, 50.350, and 147.555 MHz.

Phone frequencies are 1.855, 3.990, 7.290, 14.290, 18.160, 21.390,
28.590, 50.350, and 147.555 MHz.

During Field Day weekend, W1AW will transmit the Field Day bulletin
using 45.45-baud Baudot, PSK31 in BPSK mode and MFSK16 in this

Please note the Field Day bulletin will not be sent out via

In addition, on Friday local, June 25, 2021, the digital version of
the Field Day bulletin sent at 9 PM EDT (0100 UTC) will be
transmitted using BPSK31, Baudot, and MFSK16 in this order, as time

The regular digital mode lineup of Baudot, BPSK31, and MFSK16 will
be used during Field Day weekend.

Please note that West Coast ARRL Qualifying Run station K9JM is
again slated to transmit the CW and Digital versions of the 2021
W1AW Field Day Bulletin.

The West Coast 2021 Field Day Bulletin schedule is as follows:


On Saturday, June 26, the CW version will be transmitted at 7:30 AM
PDT (1430 UTC).  On Saturday evening, the CW version will be
transmitted at 5:30 PM PDT (Sunday, June 27, at 0030 UTC).

On Sunday, June 27, the CW version of the bulletin will be
transmitted at 7:30 AM PDT (1430 UTC).  The CW frequencies are
3581.5 kHz and 7047.5 kHz.  The CW speed is 18 WPM.


On Saturday, June 26, the Digital version will be transmitted on
7095 kHz using BPSK31 at 6:30 PM PDT (Sunday, June 27, at 0130 UTC)
and using MFSK16 at 6:40 PM PDT (0140 UTC).

On Sunday, June 27, the Digital version will be transmitted on
3597.5 kHz using BPSK31 at 9:30 AM PDT (Sunday, June 27, at 1630
UTC) and using MSFK16 at 9:40 AM PDT (1640 UTC).

Any additional transmissions or changes in the schedule will be
posted on the web at, .

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2020 Canwarn Training Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

We received the following message from CANWARN and have posted it here for your information:

This email is to regrettably inform you that we will not be proceeding with in-person CANWARN (severe weather spotting) sessions this year in light of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.
We spent much of February and early March coordinating with partners and planning sessions. We likely do not need to tell you in detail, that the current COVID-19 situation changed quickly and dramatically; governments at all levels are responding to this crisis and encouraging everyone to do what they can to “flatten the curve” (such as physical distancing). As such, we will not be scheduling group-training sessions in order avoid the spread of the virus.
We do have some capacity for doing online webinar-style sessions. Given the current situation, and resource allocation, preferential consideration for these webinar-style training sessions will be given to those working in emergency management or critical infrastructure, and those with the ability to convene a group of participants (remotely). If you feel this style of training might meet your local safety training requirements, do let us know and we will work with you to organize something.
We are sorry for this disappointing news. We are grateful for your support. You can contact us at if you have any questions or would like to coordinate a virtual session; someone on our team will triage your request.

Take care and stay safe!

In the meantime, here are some websites that may be of interest to you:
National Weather Service Spotter Guide:
National Weather Service Spotter Glossary:
Environment Canada Lightning Safety:

In addition, Environment Canada has a weather app called WeatherCAN available for both Apple and Android devices. This app represents the most direct way to receive our various severe weather watches and warnings. The app can be found in the app store on your Apple or Android device. More information on the app can be found here…

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Nano Controlled Step Attenuator

For this project I’ll be using two pe4302 boards sourced from eBay. They come with the pe4302 chips pre-soldered along with pin header and pulldown resistors.  

DuWayne KV4QB, has done a Step Attenuator project and was kind enough to give me a board he had designed when I met up with him at FDIM this year. I’ll use DuWayne’s board and won’t develop my own pcb for this project. I’ll follow his design and possibly make changes at a later date.  Here is a link to his blog where you can read in more detail about his attenuator project.

As with DuWayne’s project, I’ll use 2 pe4302 boards connected in series with the control lines in parallel. This will mean that the attenuator steps will be in 1dB increments and not .5dB steps that the pe4302 chip is capable of. Max power input is +24dbm.  Total attenuation will be 63dB.  There will however be an insertion loss of about 3dB, 1.5dB per board. I’ll likely measure the exact loss and add it in to the selected amount of attenuation so the display will show the actual level of attenuation.

Download a PDF of this article HERE.

Completed Assembly Underside

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Welcome Back

This is just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is our first main meeting for our club year (2019 to 2020)!

It’s also the time when you renew your membership for the club year.  As last year, you have the option to renew electronically if you cannot attend tomorrow’s meeting.  To do that, fill out the new PARC membership application form (link here) and send it in to me at  Once I receive the application form, I will send you an electronic invoice via Square payments.  Filling out the form is MANDATORY to complete payment and no electronic invoice will be sent without that form.  We are working to automate this further so that all you have to do it “tick the box” to confirm your details and get the invoice electronically in the future.

Baby steps folks, baby steps.

The meeting starts at 8pm at the Fletcher’s Creek Sportsplex in the Youth room.

See you all there to kick off our new club year!


Joe de VA3POR

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Field Day 2019

This gallery contains 10 photos.

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AGM May 7, 2019

Business items to note from the PARC Annual General Meeting held on May 7, 2019.

  1. The proposed revisions to the PARC bylaws were voted on by the members and accepted.
  2. The Executive Secretary is now Allen Woolfey VA3IAW and the new Treasurer will be Klaas Westerhof. Thank you to both members for participating in the administration of the club and we look forward to working with you.
  3. Members also voted to allow the sale of the Flex 5000 radio. Anyone interested in purchasing this radio, please contact one of the executive members.
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Hamex 2019 Pictures

Despite a rather cold and windy start to the day, the sun did come out enough that it attracted a large turnout for this year’s event. Here are some pictures from another successful Hamex.

IMG_7058b  IMG_7083b

IMG_7081b  IMG_7070b

IMG_7087b  IMG_7084b

IMG_7114b  IMG_7067b

IMG_7091b  IMG_7103b

IMG_7116b  IMG_7061b       IMG_7100b

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Meeting Room Reminder Feb 2019

HI Gang,

Just a reminder that our new meeting room is our old Youth Room at the Fletcher’s Creek Sportsplex.  We have the room at 8:00pm.

I repeat – we have the room starting at 8:00pm.

I haven’t succeeded in securing a room to start at our normal time of 7:30pm, so for all presenters, please be mindful of your time.

I may not be able to join you all this meeting – I’ve been fighting electric gremlins with my vehicle, and needs to be back in the shop, so I may not be able to join you if its a late work day.

So – Youth Room, 8:00pm Tuesday!


Joe de VA3POR

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2018 Field Day Results

Despite some adverse conditions on Field Day, we still managed to
put in another good showing. Our score of 6348 points earned us the
top Canadian position in the 4A category once again. Overall, 
irrespective of the category, we placed second to VE1LD in the
2A category who had 6448 points.  

Many thanks go out to all who helped make FD a success.

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