PARC Trailer to participate in 2017 NVIS event

Hi Everyone!

As many of you know, there will be an NVIS event held Sunday September 24th, 2017.  On our main web page are listed the frequencies that are suggested to be used.

PARC will be deploying the trailer for this event and attempt to communicate with stations using HF in an NVIS configuration.  For those of you who would like to participate, but don’t have the equipment, or the means to set up your own station, come to the PARC trailer and help out with the deployment.

The trailer will deployed at White Spruce Park in Brampton – across from the Trinity Common Mall.  More details are to follow as to exactly where in the park, however you can raise the trailer on the repeater and find out precisely on the day of deployment (which may be necessary depending on park usage by the general public).

As per the main page – here are the frequencies as well as the date and time:

Sunday Sept 24, 2017, 13:00 – 18:00 EDT

Suggest frequencies:

SSB: 3.700-3.750; 5.3305, 5.3465, 5.3570, 5.3715, 5.4035; 7.040-7.070

CW: 3.550, 5.3305, 5.3465, 5.3570, 5.3715, 5.4035; 7.030

Stay tuned, and also listen out on the repeater for more details as they become available.


Joe de VA3POR

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Thank you all!

Hi Everyone

Thank you all who participated at our 2017 Field Day event!  It was great to see each of the stations have multiple operators, experimentation with antennas and setups, a great gathering at dinner for the picnic tables, and a Happy Birthday to Ian IHX who took time out of his busy schedule to spend time with us and be our rapid reaction fix-it man!  It was great to see Peter POA come out from Kingston to help out and be part of the event!  A special thanks to Joe Valenti VDK for towing the trailer.  I also want ot thank our station leaders – Kevin KHH (and for getting the food!), Richard RMU, Pierre PM, Gord GKN, Edmondo ITA and our Safety Officer and Bonus points person – Graham BGD.  Thanks again goes to Vic FOX for keeping us on the straight and narrow.

I’d also like to thank our local MPP Vic Dillon on attending our Field Day event.  Special thanks goes to Alain Normand, the Manager for the Emergency Management Office for Brampton on attending our event and helping us get our location at no cost.

We’ll let everyone know what our score is once everything is compiled.  Anyone who has the scoring laptops, please let Edmondo ITA, Vic FOX or myself know.  We will need to collect them and get the scores.

Also any ideas for improvement for next year, forward them on to me, and we will work on it.

Thanks everyone!


Joe de VA3POR

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PARC Summer Soiree – LAST CALL

Hi Gang,

So I need to confirm final numbers for Tucker’s Market Place.

If you have not signed up for our Summer Soiree, please do so now.  RSVP by emailing me –  I will stop taking RSVP requests at 4pm.

It’s $28 CASH ONLY – collected at the door.

Time 6:30pm

Tucker Marketplace at 15 Carlson Ave in Etobicoke.

We also have door prizes that we will raffle off (like a Yaesu 757 rig donated to the club – requested to go to someone without an HF rig).

See you all tomorrow!


Joe de VA3POR


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PARC Summer Soiree Set!

Hi All,

so our reservations for our PARC Summer Soiree have been set.

Our Soiree will be held Tuesday June 6th, at Tucker’s Marketplace at 15 Carlson Ct in Etobicoke.  Price is $28.00 CASH ONLY (includes meal, taxes, tip, softdrinks, tea or coffee). Time is 6:30pm.

Please use the link below to RSVP.  We have reservations for 40 people.


Click here to RSVP!

See you all there!

Joe de VA3POR

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PARC AGM – Tuesday May 2nd, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Tomorrow is our club AGM.

It is at our AGM that we elect a new executive, put forward motions to make changes to our club by-laws, and determine where we gather together for our June dinner (Summer Soiree).

I encourage all of you to consider volunteering for a position on the executive.  It is at the AGM where the opportunity exists for you to put into motion ideas that you feel the club would benefit from, and make better those things you feel the club could do better.

I also want to thank all of you for the support you have given me in the past year.  It has been a joy and honour to represent this club and serve its members.  It is my intent to step down from the position of President, and make the space open for new leadership and new ideas.  Please consider volunteering in serving and representing our remarkable club as its President.

Along with the AGM elections and Summer Soiree determination, we will also discuss Field Day 2017.  I would like to spend time to open up a discussion about Field Day, on what you’d like to see, and how to improve it for our members.

Tomorrow is the day for each and every member to make his/her voice heard, to set new directions, and give your support to the club by stepping into leadership roles.

The time and location are as before – 7:30pm at the Fletcher’s Creek Sportsplex on the corner of Ray Lawson and McLaughlin Rd in Brampton – Youth Room.

I’ll see you all there!


Joe de VA3POR



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Peel Emergency Preparedness

Our ARES Group has been invited by the City of Brampton to participate in this year’s Emergency Preparedness Event. This is an opportunity for us to meet members of our community and demonstrate how we can assist in the event that alternative communications are necessary during an emergency.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 6th. at the Cassie Campbell Community Centre, 1050 Sandalwood Pkwy West; from 11:30 AM until 3:00 PM. We will be setting up our Trailer in the Parking Lot, as well as a Table inside the Complex, and we will need some of our members to meet with the public so as to answer the many questions that they usually have.

If you can help with this event please respond to by Friday, April 28th.


Richard  VA3RMU

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MS Walk May 7th

MS Walk

Sunday, 7 May 2017
8:00am to 1:00pm
(GMT-04:00) America/New York

Heartlake Secondary School 296 Conestoga Dr.


We need your help in providing safety communications for this event. Join members of our group in having fun and learning. Lunch will be provided along with course information.

Bring your mobiles and/or hi-powered portables along with fully charged batteries and gain antennae to assist us in providing continuity between the organizers and the runners. It’s a learning experience and have a great amount of fun doing so.

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Field Day 2017 – Lets have fun with it!

Hi Everyone,
so Field Day 2017 is coming up, and the process has started to get plans into motion.
Field Day is one of the most important traditions that we have in Ham Radio, and it is certainly an important tradition for our club.  Traditions, however, have a tendency of going stale if the same formula is followed year after year, and if planned too routinely, it can feel like too much like an obligation after a number of years.
This year, it would be great to venture a little from the script, and open things up.  There are rules and structure that we still have to abide by in terms of the Field Day contest itself, but, those rules need not put a damper on those elements about our hobby that make it fun.
This year, I want to encourage everyone to focus more on having fun during Field Day.  As a club, over the years, we’ve proven that we can compete, and compete very effectively.  We don’t need to push that point as hard.  We can use the event of Field Day to experiment, play, test, teach, learn, and socialize – basically to bring forth the best aspects of ham radio during the event.
So how do we accomplish this while still holding to the basic rules of Field Day?  We do it by allowing for flexibility with our stations.  We still create a basic structure with our setup, but we encourage experimentation during the event.  Have you recently purchased a new HF and haven’t had the change to really put it through its paces?  Bring it and have it run on one of the assigned bands for a little bit.  Have a new antenna?  Bring it, and see how it performs in a contest situation.  Bring your Lil’ Pup receivers and put them through their paces and check out the bands visually.  Do you have a fully mobile HF setup that works well?  Show up with your mobile setup, stress test it, and give the station people a break for a little bit.  Bring an RTL-SDR stick, laptop, Arrow Antenna and see if you can pick up a satellite transmission, even if you just want to try and listen.  Even if you only have an hour, come and try your hand at a mode you’ve never done before, or work a band you’ve never tried.
Let’s make Field Day 2017 an event of exploration, experimentation, play.  on trying new things, switching things up, and just have fun doing it.  And when you get buggy eyed, or fatigued – you stop!  Grab a bite, grab a drink, and chum around with your fellow club members and have a leisurely conversation about what you learned, tried, experienced.  Bring your kids, grandkids, wives, friends, neighbours – anybody you think who would get a kick at what we do, and whom you think would enjoy a form of experimental play.
I look forward in working towards making this our best Field Day ever in the way that it truly counts – that we have boat loads of fun together!
More to come!
Joe de VA3POR
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Main Meeting Tonight – April 4th, 2017

Hello Everyone!

Today is the first Tuesday of the month, and that means PARC has it main club meeting!  This month’s agenda is as follows:

7:00pm to 7:30 pm

Pierre PM does his CW class

7:30 to 9:00 pm

  • review of Hamex
  • Field Day 2017 Business
  • Announcement of the 2017 Spring Build-A-Thon
  • Review of Field Testing of Mesh nodes – and an introduction to iPerf
  • Other club business.

We have a full agenda this month, lots on the go!  With the Spring Build-A-Thon, Field Day, and ARES activities due in May, this meeting sets the stage for club activities till the new club year.  I encourage all of you to come on out and participate.

The field testing of mesh nodes section will summarize some very recent testing done with the Ubiquiti Wireless mesh points, and I’ll be showing a free tool that was used to get numbers on performance – iperf!

I’ll see you all there!


Joe de VA3POR

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Canwarn Training 2017

Hello everyone…my apologies…I usually leave a longer gap between training notifications but I realized that the email address I provided for RSVPs ( is no longer working. So please RSVP to me directly at except for the Owen Sound, Sarnia and Stratford sessions where there is another way to RSVP that is spelled out below.
More details are also available below on the session in Renfrew (June 13) and Dryden (June 15).

April 5 – Owen Sound – 6:30 PM Quality Inn, 950 6th St E, Owen Sound, RSVP to
April 18 – Windsor – 7 PM Caboto Club, 2175 Parent Ave
April 19 – Sarnia – 7 PM Sarnia Yacht Club, 1220 Fort St RSVP to Bill Hoad
April 20 – London – 7 PM Fanshawe College, 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd, Building T Room T1003
April 24 – Central Huron/Blyth – 7 PM Emergency Services Training Centre, 40193 Blyth Road, Central Huron/Blyth
April 25 – Stratford – 7 PM – Perth County Paramedic HQ, 480 Douro St, Stratford RSVP to
April 29 – Barrie – 9 AM Innisfil IdeaLab and Library, Community Room, 967 Innisfil Beach Road
May 3 – Brantford – 7 PM 3rd Floor Atrium Room, Brantford Public Library, 173 Colborne St.
May 6 – Toronto – 9 AM Environment and Climate Change Canada HQ, 4905 Dufferin St.
May 8 – Niagara Region – 7 PM Niagara Region HQ, Council Chambers, 1815 Sir Isaac Brock Way, Thorold
May 9 – Dufferin County – 7 PM Dufferin County Courthouse, 55 Zina St., Orangeville
May 10 – Waterloo – 7 PM RIM Park 2001 University Ave East, Waterloo
May 13 – Hamilton – 9:30 AM Stoney Creek City Hall, 777 Highway 8, Stoney Creek
May 15 – Peterborough – 7 PM Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club, 577 McDonnel St.
May 16 – Ottawa – 6:30 PM – Greenboro Community Centre, 363 Lorry Greenberg Dr., Ottawa
May 16 – Toronto – 7 PM – Environment and Climate Change Canada HQ, 4905 Dufferin St
May 17 – Cornwall – 6:30 PM – Cornwall Public Library, 45 Second St. E, Cornwall
May 18 – Tiverton – 7 PM Bruce Power Visitor Centre
May 24 – Markham – 7 PM Canada Room Markham Civic Centre, 101 Town Centre Blvd, Markham
May 25 – Oakville – 7 PM Glenorchy-Dakota Room, Halton Region HQ, 1151 Bronte Rd, Oakville
May 27 – Belleville – 9:30 AM Belleville Public Library Conference Room, 254 Pinnacle St.
May 29 – Sudbury – 6:30 PM Lionel E. Lalonde Centre, Azilda
May 30 – Espanola – 7 PM Pinewood Inn Espanola
May 31 – Sault Ste Marie TBA
June 5 – North Bay – 6:30 PM OPP Regional HQ Cahty Burns Training Room, 911A Gormanville Road
June 6 – Temiskaming Shores – 6:30 PM – College Boreal, New Liskeard
June 7 – Timmins – 6:30 PM – Timmins Firehall, 133 Cedar St.
June 12 – Thunder Bay – TBA
June 13 – Fort Frances/Emo – TBA
June 13 – Renfrew – 6:30 PM Days Inn, 760 Gibbons Rd, Renfrew
June 14 – Kenora – TBA
June 15 – Dryden – Dryden Fire Services Training Room 189 Colonization Ave S

Geoff Coulson
Warning Preparedness Meteorologist |
Météorologue de sensibilisation aux alertes
Ontario Region Client Services |
Service à la clientèle, Région de l’Ontario
Environment Canada | Environnement Canada
Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada
4905 Dufferin St | 4905 rue Dufferin
Toronto, ON M3H 5T4
Telephone | Téléphone 416-739-4466
Facsimile | Télécopieur 416-739-4603
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