Welcome Back

This is just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is our first main meeting for our club year (2019 to 2020)!

It’s also the time when you renew your membership for the club year.  As last year, you have the option to renew electronically if you cannot attend tomorrow’s meeting.  To do that, fill out the new PARC membership application form (link here) and send it in to me at kingpin.joe@gmail.com.  Once I receive the application form, I will send you an electronic invoice via Square payments.  Filling out the form is MANDATORY to complete payment and no electronic invoice will be sent without that form.  We are working to automate this further so that all you have to do it “tick the box” to confirm your details and get the invoice electronically in the future.

Baby steps folks, baby steps.

The meeting starts at 8pm at the Fletcher’s Creek Sportsplex in the Youth room.

See you all there to kick off our new club year!


Joe de VA3POR

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