AGM Meeting – May 1, 2018

HI All,

just as a reminder, we will be having our AGM meeting this coming Tuesday (May 1, 2018) at 7.30 pm.  At the meeting, we will be doing the following things

Vote on any resolutions.
Elect an executive
Decide on location for the June Summer Dinner (Our Summer Soiree)

I will also be doing a review of Field Day, where we stand and field any questions or requests.

Currently our slate of candidates is as follows:

President – John Bakkeren
Vice President – Vacant
Executive Secretary – Kevin Heise
Treasurer – Joe Valente
Repeater Director – Paul Allen
Education – vacant

At the AGM, any club member in good standing can be nominated or any elected position.  Many of the existing executive members have expressed a willingness to hand their positions over to those interested and want to try their hand at a particular position.

There are also positions that are appointed by the President/Executive. Special Events, HAMEX, Web Master, Trailer Manager, and Membership are appointed.  Also, if there is a project that you would like to head up, that can also be done with consent from the membership and/or executive.

So, if you have never had the opportunity to serve your fellow members in the capacity of an executive position, please consider it!  You’ll have the experience and support of those who have gone before you!

I’ll be sending out a second reminder tomorrow, reiterating the slate and providing any errata if necessary.


Joe de VA3POR

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