Main Meetings – New Room at Fletcher’s Creek

Hi All,

So for this new calendar year, our main club meetings will be conducted in a different room other than the Youth Room.  Due to an error on my part, we were not enrolled in the Youth Room from January to May.  The staff at Feltcher’s Creek however were great, they temporarily gave us a room on the second floor for the January meeting, and they have got us a space on the first floor going forward.  We will primarily be in the Craft room (we’ve had meetings there before, just past the doors heading to the library) and there will be two meetings in the pre-school room (room behind frosted glass across the main desk).

So, for each monthly meeting announcement I will confirm the room for the particular meeting.  Below is the list for your reference:

  • Februrary Meeting – Craft Room
  • March Meeting- Craft Room
  • April Meeting- Preschool Room
  • May Meeting- Preschool Room
  • September Meeting- Craft Room
  • October Meeting- Craft Room
  • November Meeting- Craft Room

Meetings start 7:30 pm as normal.

See you all in February!


Joe de VA3POR

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