Thank you all!

Hi Everyone

Thank you all who participated at our 2017 Field Day event!  It was great to see each of the stations have multiple operators, experimentation with antennas and setups, a great gathering at dinner for the picnic tables, and a Happy Birthday to Ian IHX who took time out of his busy schedule to spend time with us and be our rapid reaction fix-it man!  It was great to see Peter POA come out from Kingston to help out and be part of the event!  A special thanks to Joe Valenti VDK for towing the trailer.  I also want ot thank our station leaders – Kevin KHH (and for getting the food!), Richard RMU, Pierre PM, Gord GKN, Edmondo ITA and our Safety Officer and Bonus points person – Graham BGD.  Thanks again goes to Vic FOX for keeping us on the straight and narrow.

I’d also like to thank our local MPP Vic Dillon on attending our Field Day event.  Special thanks goes to Alain Normand, the Manager for the Emergency Management Office for Brampton on attending our event and helping us get our location at no cost.

We’ll let everyone know what our score is once everything is compiled.  Anyone who has the scoring laptops, please let Edmondo ITA, Vic FOX or myself know.  We will need to collect them and get the scores.

Also any ideas for improvement for next year, forward them on to me, and we will work on it.

Thanks everyone!


Joe de VA3POR

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