Ham-Ex 2017 Photos

Hosted by the Peel and Mississauga Amateur Radio Clubs, Saturday March 18th was the site of yet another very successful Ham-Ex. Crowds were huge and there seemed to be something for everyone, judging by the many smiling faces seen carting items back to their cars. Here are just a few photos capturing the scene:

IMG_1530  IMG_1580

Unloading all the goodies                                   Preopening line ups.                     .

IMG_1596  IMG_1602

A big turnout of eager shoppers                         Hunting for the bargains

IMG_1663  IMG_1532

The Drake twins                                                  A little of everything

IMG_1611  IMG_1540

A real oldie                                                              The venerable “19” set

IMG_1504  IMG_1547

The homebrew display – very popular            A lot of power

IMG_1665  IMG_1618

Barry and Peter from ONTARS                        Testing to become new hams

IMG_1644  IMG_1640

Flex radio                                                               An Icom HF rig

IMG_1687  IMG_1679

Instruction on some new radios                       Drawing for the door prizes

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