Motion – Bylaw Review Committee

The PARC Executive hereby puts into effect:

A committee whose purpose is to review, solicit, and make recommendations on changes to the current PARC Bylaws.  This committee is to be known as the Bylaw Review Committee.

The committee is mandated to perform the following:

  • Review the current by-laws.
  • Solicit from club members ideas and recommendations on bylaw reform.
  • Hold regular meetings that club members can attend and post the schedule on the website
  • Review and make recommendations in accordance to the Ontario Non-Profit Corporations Act.
  • Review and make recommendations on banking procedures.
  • Have the current set of Bylaws posted on the website.
  • Submit a progress report to the executive secretary by March 1 2017 summarizing bylaw changes being looked at.
  • Have complete by April 1, 2017 a full set of recommendations in motion form posted on the club website and can be voted on in the May 2017 AGM.

The committee is to consist of:

  • A chairperson approved by the President or by Motion by the Executive who is a club member in good standing
  • At a minimum – two other club members in good standing working with the chairperson

The mandate of the Bylaw Review Committee ends if any of the following conditions are met:

  • The minimum number of club members composing of the Bylaw Review Committee is not met by Feb 1, 2017
  • A full set of recommendations are not posted on the club website by April 1, 2017
  • The motion package is defeated at the May 2017 AGM.
  • The successfully carried motion package has been posted on the website



This motion can be revised by future executive motions.  
The Bylaw Review Committee can be made into a standing committee – which should be carried via a standing rule by the Committee.

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