Thank You for your Help!

Hi Everyone,


I’d like to thank everyone who participated in PARC’s Field Day 2016.  We managed to come together, get set up, get on theair and make contacts!  The band conditions were challenging, but all in all, I’d say everyone had a good time!

Id like to extend my thanks to the following people:

Vic FOX – for keeping things on the straight and narrow, operating on digital, and for the work in involved in submitting the results to the ARRL.

Richard Brown CB and his wife for coming with his motorhome and getting 40/15 up and going.  Thanks also goes to Bob UBM for helping to set up, and operating.  Dave DKX for lending his antenna pole setup.

Richard RMU, George OG, Paul PB for getting the digital station going.

Ian IHX for heading up GOTA and helping Kevin KHH with Satellite.

A big thankyou for Kevin KHH for bringing his KX3, getting GOTA on the air, and operating satellite.  Kevin also deserves a big thankyou in lining up the catering.  That was great Kevin!

Thankyou Pierre PM, Jeff QSL, Gerhard Lea for the CW setup and operation.

Thank you Gord GKN, his son Richard, Ken ABN for the 80/20 station.  Gord deserves a special thanks for getting the Flex 5000 working properly, and doing troubleshooting of the Flex PC and for fixing the problem of RF coming in via the mic.

Thank you Ernie VBJ, Frank FOA, for the Welcome tent and the setup of the educational items.  Thank you Gunter for assiting with the welcome tent.

Thank you Joe VDK in towing the PARC trailer, and helping with setup.

Thank you Roman Ronge and Don REO for operating and assisting with setup.  Thank you Bob Bennett for being here from Georgia, and helping with tear down, and being an operator.  Thank you Peter DRS for assiting and operating.  Thank you Duncan Roberston for joining he club and participating with Field Day

Thank you Alan Normand and his wife Nicole in attending and giving us some of our bonus points, and assiting us with lowering the costs in securing the Flowercity facility.

I know there are others I have missed – like the lad who stayed with Pierre and helped log – even though he didn’t know of any CW. There are others still who helped out, operated, and participated.

Thank you all for a job well done!


Joe de VA3POR

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