Field Day – Final Update

Hi Gang,

so Field Day is upon us tomorrow!

The contest will start at 2:00pm tomorrow, with setup starting at around 9:00am till the start of the contest.

If you haven’t already committed to Field Day, please consider coming by and help with setup, take an hour operating, or an hour logging.  Are Station Managers are as follows:

80/20 – Gord Kennedy

40/15 – Rick Brown

GOTA – Ian Harris

Digital – Richard Upfield

CW – All band – Pierre Mainville

We will also be catering in on Saturday evening.  There is a change of plan there – we could not secure an order from Roma Restaurant, thus we sourced a caterer that will supply BBQ chicken (piri-piri style), salad and other items.

So from 2:00pm Saturday to 2:00pm Sunday, Field Day will be running.  Please come on out to the Flowertown Community Centre in Brampton, and leave your mark during Field Day.

All hands on deck!  We have a contest to do!  See you all tomorrow!


Joe de VA3POR

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