Field Day – Update 1

Hi Gang,

So we are now up to full strength with our stations.  Gord GKN will be heading up 80/20 and Ian IHX will be heading up GOTA.

So our station complement looks as follows

CW – Pierre PM and Jeff QSL

40/15 – Rick ADT

80/20 – Gord GKN

Digital – Richard – RMU


So, we need bodies to fill spots as operators and loggers.  Please get in contact with the band leaders and offer your support.  If you don’t know how to get a hold of these folks, please contact me at and I’ll point you at the right direction.

Secondly, on the Saturday evening, PARC will cater in food for dinner, so, not only will you have a chance to participate in the best hobby in the world, we’ll fill your belly with a fine spread of Italian eats for free!  (You got that right – free!).

So ladies and gentlemen, lets pull together, and make this one of the most memorable and festive Field Days we’ve had for a long time.  Contact the band leaders and pledge your support.  Bring the young ones and aim them toward GOTA!  If you are bringing a crew of people, let me know to insure the eats are plentiful.


Joe de VA3POR


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