Field Day – 80/20 Metre Team Leader Needed.

Hi Everyone,

we are getting close to Field Day and we have one hole to fill still, and that is our 80/20 station.  We need someone to head up that station.  Anyone who is interested in running 80/20, please contact me –

This is your chance to give your HF rig a good workout.  If you are interested in heading up the station, but lack equipment, then I personally can provide a tent, an Icom 7200 with auto-tuner, and a G5RV antenna. Don’t like the Icom?  The club Kenwood in the trailer can be used instead.  Want to totally experiment with 80/20 and do something never tried?  Like an unheardof antenna, an old tube radio that you think would just rock, run 80/20 our of the back of your car – I’m all game.


Joe de VA3POR




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