PARC Meeting, January 5, 2016

23 people attended including 2 guests. One licensed from Vancouver and one interested in getting his license.

Club Business:
Any members with revised addresses or phone numbers are asked to notify Richard at so the callup tree can be updated.
The FM Simplex contest is this Saturday Jan 9 from 3 – 6 PM. See the ARES newsgroup for registration details.

Hamex is March 19 and volunteers are required for our biggest fund raising event of the year. Contact Rod Lord and let him know how you can help.

A new Field Day coordinator is required. If interested, contact Joe at Vic and Joe will help the willing volunteer to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Frank Roberts presented a $500 donation from the CIBC to the club which was graciously accepted by our president.

Bob Hudson gave an update on the HSMM network status in the Peel region. Network links are setup and operating from PRC to VE3MIS repeater and VE3MIS club station. Our node was even monitored in Fonthill, 75km away although a reliable connection is not established yet.
Anyone interested in setting up a node and joining the network, contact Bob Hudson.

Joe VA3POR presented two solutions for inexpensive computing with the latest Raspberry Pi 2 and the Kangaroo PC. A short introduction to the Raspberry Pi Linux system was presented and the possibilities related to amateur radio.

Joe also continued his training series on TCP/IP networking.

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