January 2016 Main Meeting

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!

It’s my hope that everyone had a joyous and happy holiday, with the opportunity to spend time with friends, family, and have fun!

We kick off a new calendar year with two sets of presentations.

Firstly, I will be doing a little bit of a “show and tell” – where I’ll be showing the Raspberry Pi 2 – the new and improved version of the Raspberry Pi, and I’m also going to introduce to everyone the new “Kangaroo” PC – a $149 Windows 10 computer.  That’s right $149.

After the break, I’ll be continuing with Session 2 of Introduction to computer networking.  We will be focusing in on understanding the IP address, and continue to use our post office analogy to get a better understanding how the IP address plays a role.

If you have a computer that can join the wireless nework, then by all means bring it.  Part of the session will cover the “domain name system” or DNS – what translates a numberical IP address to “www.google.ca”.  I will be showing you a utility called “nslookup” that will show you how domain names get converted to IP addresses.

See you on Tuesday!


Joe de VA3POR



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