PARC VHF/UHF Simplex Contest

The FM Simplex Contest is scheduled to begin on Jan. 9th 2016 and the information is contained in the attached document “PARC 2m Simplex.pdf”. The other attachment is the Postal Zone Map of Brampton (“CPC_SCP_ON_143.pdf”). Please read through the 2m Simplex document for the explanation and rules of the contest and use the Map to identify Postal Code boundaries.

To Participate in the Contest please register by sending an email to or to, and you will be sent by return email a copy of the Score Sheet.

The Contest is a “fun event” designed to provide an activity during the winter months especially, and to help you brush up on your communications technique, so please participate and see how proficiently you are at using your Radio.

Richard VA3RMU

PARC Simplex Contest Rules

Brampton Postal Code Map

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