Follow up from September Meeting

Hi Everyone!

It was great to see you all again!  I want to thank all those who came out and took the time to re-register for this year and also listen and participate in the presentations held.

As a follow up to the presentations, Edmondo ITA presented the Remote Rig.  The website for remote rig is the following:

The second presentation was on the APRS client APRSISCE/32.  The website for the client is  This presentation is the first of many where the goal will be to have this particular APRS client work with a remote APRS receiving radio and APRS server on an HSMM mesh.  I will co-ordinate my efforts with Anthony IDL and Bob CWU as I’m told that work on an APRS server and sensor has already started.  Keep an eye on this project as it develops!


Joe de VA3POR

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