Further Information for Field Day 2015

Hi Gang,

Vic has been kind enough to meet with park officials in regards to the Flowertown location that we will be operating from. Here are some important pieces of information when operating at Flowertown:

  • Washrooms will be open – at the building where GOTA and the Welcome tent are situated – washrooms will be made open and available for our use.
  • BBQs are allowed, but PROPANE ONLY. We’ve confirmed that BBQ’s are permitted, but they must be propane. The club will make two portable BBQs available to anyone who would like to make use of them. If you plan on bringing your own, please operate them with safety in mind.  Picnic tables will be arranged by the Welcome tent to create a communal BBQ and eating area.
  • NO ALCOHOL. Alcohol is not permitted at the facility. In addition to the park rules, it’s best not to risk the goodwill of the City for letting us use Flowertown for the event. Field Day is meant to be an open public event, and we have dignitaries attending our event.
  • Bring plenty of liquids. The club intends to have bottled water at the Welcome tent, but we encourage everyone to bring a supply of their own water. We are in summer, and with the heat, the ongoing operating, and running around, its easy to become dehydrated. Have plenty of water onhand.
  • Clean up after yourself. We’ve never had a problem with leaving a mess behind – let’s keep it that way!
  • Parking – parking along the roads and by the gravel lot next to the 80/20 tent may become tight as there is a soccer tournament planned on Saturday till noon. If you find parking tight, its best to look for parking next to the building where the Welcome tent is situated, or by the Senior’s Centre.
  • Tim Hortons is across the street. Need I say more?
  • Need supplies at 2am? – The Metro grocery stores tend to be open 24hrs. There’s a Metro at the Brampton Mall by Nanwood and Hurontario.
  • This is our 50th Year! Celebrate! – the club plans to hold a BBQ at the common area. Burgers, Hotdogs, and anything else you care to bring and share!
  • Let’s break a record! – how cool would it be to break 10,000 points at Field Day? What an awesome 50th birthday present would that be for PARC!
  • Have Fun! – there is no better way to kick butt than to enjoy doing it with a big smile on your face!

See you all Saturday!


Joe de VA3POR

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