Field Day 2015 This Weekend!

Hi Folks,

Just as a reminder that Field Day 2015 is coming this weekend!  As before, Field Day is being held at the Flowertown Community Centre this Saturday and Sunday.  The contest starts 2:00pm Saturday and continues 2pm Sunday.

Our Field Day teams are as follows:

  • GOTA – organized by Edmondo ITA
  • Digital Station – organized by Richard RMU
  • 40/15 – organized by Rick Brown ADT
  • 80/20 – organized by Gord Kennedy
  • All band CW – organized by Pierre PM
  • Satellite – organized by Kevin KHH

All stations will be using VE3XR 4A GTA as the call, category, and section respectively.

Here is the layout of the Field Day site for 2015.Field-Day-Map  

There will be a period of setup Saturday Morning – so anyone who is available to assist in setting up antennas, equipment, and tents, are encouraged to come.

If you have interest in operating at one or more of the stations, please contact the person organizing the particular station to arrange a spot for you in logging/operating.

Vic will be meeting with Rec staff to insure that washrooms are open, picnic tables are moved into place, signs lit, and also warn us of any restrictions that we need to be aware of tomorrow.  After that meeting, we will relay any relevant information to you.

Folks, lets have fun out there, and also remind our fellow contestants why we kick butt.


Joe de VA3POR

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