Field Day 2014 Results

Hi Everyone,

I’ve received an update on our standing in Field Day 2014.

Our total points were 7,348. That was enough to place us in 1st place in Canada in the 4A category, and in 15th place out of 150 in the category overall.

In Canada, PARC placed 2nd overall across all categories. The top spot was taken by our friends in the Mississauga Amateur Radio Club – a 10A catergory with 7,818 points.

Congratulations PARC on a job well done! I want to thank everyone for their time and effort during Field Day and I look forward to what we’ll accomplish in 2015.

In the January 2015 session of our main meeting, we’ll go through a breakdown of our performance – what worked, what didn’t and take in any ideas the membership may have in doing better next year!


Joe de VA3POR

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