Field Day 2014 – Last week of prep

Hello Everyone,

We are in our final week before Field Day 2014 starts.

Field Day is being held on Saturday June 28th, 2014 to Sunday June 29th, 2014.  The location will be the Flowertown Community Centre – the same location as previous years at McLaughlin Rd and Bufford Rd in Brampton.

The following is a map of the Field Day Site:



Our Stations and Band Leaders are as follows:

GOTA – Ron RSX and Dave DKX

80/20 Phone – Gord GKN and Peter POA

40 Phone – Richard RHD (Richard can use an assistant band leader!)

All Band CW – Pierre PM and Jeff QSL

Digital – Richard RMU and Don REO

We also have Ernie VBJ helping with the welcome tent, and Edmondo ITA assisting with providing computer equipment.  I encourage all club members and interested members of the public to assist our bandleaders with setup and operation of their stations.  Please take the time to reach out to the band leaders and offer your support.  If you do not have contact information to get in touch with the various band leader – please email me va3por(at)rac dot ca.

Also, if any club members have club equipment such as batteries, a generator, or test equipment, please make those items available and ready for use for Field Day.

I look forward in seeing you all there, and encourage you to have fun!



Joe de VA3POR

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