PARC RAT 2 Mini DX-pedition

August 9, 10, and 11 will be the 2nd trip for the Peel Amateur Radio Club Radio Adventure Team. This year’s team consists of 8 people, 6 hams and 2 lads, who are returning from last year’s trip. That’s got to be proof in its self that we had a good time last year.

In no particular order here’s the PARC RAT 2 group: Gord, VE3GKN, Richard, VE3RHD, Kevin, VE3KHH, Nick Heise, Dave, VE3DKX, Ron, VA3RSX, Peter, VE3POA, and Kevin Ayearst.

We plan to operate 80 through 10 including 6 and 2 meters. Frequencies subject to change, but here they are: CW – 7.030. Please don’t go over 10wpm. I haven’t practiced that much since last year. SSB – QRP Frequencies. 14.285, 18.130, 21.385, 24.950, and 28.385 Look for us in the morning for checking in the ONTARS net. We will make other attempts throughout the day. Look at the ONTARS schedule as we will follow that. PSK – 18.100, 21.070, 24.920, 28.120. We are planning to try and use IRLP linking, but it does look to be a stretch to get to North Bay or Pembroke. However one never knows until one tries. Operating times are really subject to local conditions, such as rain, heat, the fish are biting, and bears, but here it goes: Aug 09 – Not likely much before 18:00. Need to set up camp first, gather fire wood, remember we are roughing it, and have a nap. Aug 10 – Not before much before 10:00 except for trying to check into the ONTARS net. Aug 11 – Probably not as it is a long drive back.

When we get in range with PRC, look for us on 2 late afternoon or early evening. RPT or LSR are possible in the early afternoon. For those of you staying home that weekend, please look for us and join in the fun. Maybe some of you can get together and go to a park somewhere and set up. If you can, let one of the RAT members know if you are planning to join in Friday or Saturday so we know for sure to look for you.

The canoe route is posted on the PARC Yahoo group site in the file section under the folder PARC Rat / PARC RAT 2. Here’s the lat. long. for one of the proposed campsites: 46°01’02.48″N 78°26’00.39″W. For the team, looking forward to many qso’s, and hopefully lots with members of PARC.

73, Peter VE3POA

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