PARC RATs Inaugural Mini DX-pedition

August 10, 11, and 12 will be the first trip for the Peel Amateur Radio Club Radio Adventure Team. More affectionately known as, PARC RATs.

The team consists of 8 people, 6 hams and 2 young men who really know how to camp and fish. In no particular order here they are:

Gord, VE3GKN, Richard, VE3RHD, Kevin, VE3KHH, Nick Heise, Edmondo, VA3ITA, Dave, VE3DKX, Peter, VE3POA, and Kevin Ayearst.

We plan to operate 40, 20, 6, and 2 meters. Frequencies subject to change, but here they are:

CW – 7.040 and 7.030. Please don’t go over 10wpm. I’m practicing and getting better.

SSB – 14.285, 50.130

We are planning to try and use IRLP linking through the Parry Sound repeater back to PRC. To that end, Kevin VE3KHH has been testing portable 2 meter Yagis.

Operating times are really subject to local conditions, such as rain, heat, the fish are biting, and bears, but here it goes:

Aug 10 – not before 18:00. Need to set up camp first and have a nap.

Aug 11 – Not before 10:00. We need to go catch some fish for our breakfast first.

Aug 12 – Maybe Edmondo on 6 first thing, I’ll be lucky to just be able to pack up and get back to the car by 2. When we get in range with PRC, look for us on 2.  RPT or LSR are possible in the early afternoon.

For those of you staying home that weekend, please look for us and join in the fun. Another idea would be to get together and take to a park somewhere and set up. Rod VE3WWP, is planning on a day trip Aug 11 to I believe Rattlesnake Point, and would enjoy some company. Anyone interested in joining Rod, please give him a call. If you can, let one of the RAT members know if you are planning to join in Friday or Saturday so we know for sure to look for you.

If anyone wants to give NVIS a try on 40, let me know. I will have a dipole with me that I can use to give it a go.

The canoe route is posted on the PARC Yahoo group site in the file section under the folder PARC Rat. Here’s the lat. long. of the campsite: 45°44’32.57″N 80°24’4.46″W.

For the team, looking forward to many qso’s, and hopefully lots with members of PARC,

73, Peter


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