IRLP Instructions – Update

Here is a brief reminder on the proper way to use our IRLP node.

To call a distant IRLP node, first check on the Internet for the node number, if you don’t already know it. This page shows Canadian nodes and their status.

To bring up another IRLP node:

  1. Listen on our repeater to make sure no one is already in QSO.
  2. Announce your call and that you are making an IRLP connection.
  3. While holding down your PTT, key in 2 “number signs” followed by the node number you wish to contact.  E. g.  ##9999  will bring up the IRL test node. IRLP will announce that you are connected.
  4. Once the connection is made and before speaking, listen to the remote machine to make sure you aren’t interrupting an ongoing QSO.
  5. If all is well, press your PTT and begin your QSO.
  6. When you are done, announce that you are closing the link, announce your callsign and log off. This is done by keying in ##73.
  7. That’s it! Have fun.

Note – if you connect to the test node, it will make a short recording of any subsequent transmission, and play it back to you. So speak, release the PTT and wait for a few seconds for the play-back to finish.  To finish, follow item 6 above.

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