*** WARNING ***

This message is important for all our members to read!

When attending meetings at the Safe City Office, DO NOT PARK IN THE OPEN LOT immediately North of the office! (Actually, this applies any time you are parking downtown!)

This lot is a private Parking lot with a 24/7 policy requiring payment at their ticket booth. It is NOT part of the City of Brampton parking garage facility. If you do park there, without a paid parking voucher, your vehicle will be towed. One of our members found this out the hard way, assuming that the lot was part of the City’s facility!

Please note that the City’s parking garage is FREE after 6 PM. (It is the multi story parking garage.)

They have recently installed automated parking ticket machines so, to exit without charge, you will need to first put your parking ticket in the machine located between the two parking entrances. If it’s after 6 PM it will show “No Charge” and return your ticket. Then when you leave in your car, put this ticket in the machine at the exit and the gate will open.

Be warned! Be aware!

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