Packeteers: VE3PRC PBBS is Back

The VE3PRC packet PBBS is back in action after getting the KPC-3+ programmed properly.  (Well, almost properly – we still have to activate the VE3PRC-7 KA-Node! Ooops!)

The BBS is on our standard packet frequency of 145.01 (simplex).

Please give the system a try. You can connect to either VE3PRC or VE3PRC-1 to reach the mailbox. Standard packet commands, which you should be familiar with, let you read and write messages and bulletins, even NTS messages!

We highly recommend the use of Outpost Packet Manager as your software of choice! It is perfect for BBS operations, and has a familiar email kind of feel!

At the moment, the VE3PRC-7 KA-node isn’t on, but you can still “old school” digipeat through VE3PRC.

eg, for me to reach Jim, VE3ETZ, whose station I cannot hear, I would issue the following:


That lets VE3PRC digipeat everything I send over to Jim. Not packet elegance, but it still works!

Dust off your gear and give it a try!

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