Packet Revival Continues

Our good friends in the Maritime Provinces have been working at reviving the packet network  across NB, NS and PEI.

Here is a copy of a message from the Maritime SM, Jim Langille, VE1JBL, to Maritime hams, outlining their progress. There is a good link in his message, too, worth looking at.

To: ;
Subject: Packet Radio
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2011 16:47:00 -0400

RAC Section Manager: Maritimes

Greetings to all,

There seems to be a revival of packet radio here in the Maritimes as more and more amateurs dig out their old TNC’s from the back of the closet, dust them off, hook them up and get on the air. As more amateur radio clubs set up packet as another mode to use as part of their emergency communications, amateurs are getting back into packet. This is still a great way to send messages back and forth without the internet.

There is now a list on The Maritime Amateur website of amateurs being heard on packet. This page was created so that other amateurs setting up their packet station again can have a idea of who is on and who they can contact. At the Homepage, click on Packet Radio in the gray bar near the top of the page.

If you, your club or EMO would like to be added to this list, contact me at and I will get you on.

Jean-Guy Landry VE9BUF will soon update a list of paths for getting to EMO’s across the Maritimes. When I receive this, I will post it on the website.

There is also talk about renewing nodes around the Maritimes to make it easier to get around. I will update the site as I receive these.


James (Jim) Langille  VE1JBL
President: Westcumb Amateur Radio Club Inc.
RAC Section Manager: Maritimes
The Maritime Amateur

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