PARC Radio Team Helps Make New Years A Great Success

New Year’s Eve in downtown Brampton was a huge success! Big happy crowds, great music, wonderful fireworks to ring out the old and welcome the new. And the Peel Amateur Radio Club played an important role.

The radio team served as Net Control for two different groups. Using commercial radios on commercial frequencies, the group oversaw communications on the Security Team net, and also on the Event Staff net. The PARC group operated from Brampton’s Crisis Control Centre (CCC) in City Hall. Communications covered the full “Four Corners” area, especially Gage Park, and the Rose Theatre area.  The evening proved to be quite uneventful from an emergency point of view, which was largely due to the great preplanning organized by the City’s Emergency Management group. The nets went very well, with the Net Controllers maintaining detailed logs of all important traffic. The nets served as liaison between security staff, Peel Regional Police, St John Ambulance, CERV and Event staff.

Thanks go to VE3WKJ, VA3POR, VA3RSX, VA3CCU, VA3GKN, VA3VJS, VA3RMU, VA3VBJ. A special thanks goes to Joe, VA3POR, one of our newest Club members, and one of our newest Hams, for his terrific efforts logging and controlling the Security net. Job well done!

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