Congratulations and Thank You, VA3PB!

After having served as both our ARES Emergency Coordinator, and as our Repeater Director, for many years, Paul has decided to concentrate on the ARES portfolio, turning over his repeater duties to a team, headed up by George VA3GVR. These two tasks are the most demanding in terms of time and commitment, and Paul has carried them off very well over his tenure. His great technical knowledge and abilities have served our Club extremely well. Paul has overseen several moves of our repeaters, and developed a wonderful relationship with our repeater site hosts. The current location gives us a terrific coverage area.

We want to thank Paul for his dedication, and are very pleased that he will still be our “go-to” guy for ARES.

Paul was first licenced in 1964 as VE3FXK and spent his working career in the commercial radio business.

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