Welcome to the Peel Amateur Radio Club

All In-Person Meetings Cancelled Until Further Notice

All in person meetings have been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and due to the fact that City of Brampton facilities will be closed at this time.

This is a copy from the Brampton COVID 19 website: “All City facilities including City Hall, Recreation and Community Centers, and Brampton Library branches will be closed until further notice.”
Below is the current weblink where the above quote comes from.

Field Day June 27-28, 2020

Start: 1800 UTC Saturday
End: 2059 UTC Sunday (see rules 3.1, 3.2, 3.3)

Always the fourth full weekend in June

PARC/ARES 2020 Field Day will be conducted on June 27 & 28. Beginning June 27th at 1400 Hrs (local time) and ending June 28th at 1359 Hrs (local Time); please note that this is a full 24-hour non-stop operation (that is for those who can do so) but the start and end time is fixed. You can operate any or all of the allocated amateur bands (160/80/40/20/15/10 metres or 2m/6m/70cm), using Phone, CW, or Digital mode. 

Due to the social distancing guidelines, we cannot operate as a group. Instead, under temporary ARRL FD rules, each club member can operate as an independent class D or class E station and submit their score under their own call. In addition, by listing the club’s name on their entry form, all of the independent scores will be added together under the VE3XR PEEL ARC name and will serve as the club’s entry in FD.

The station that accumulates the most points at the end of the exercise will be awarded first prize; one $25.00 prize for VHF/UHF modes only and one $25.00 prize for HF modes. and will be presented at some future Club event at which all members can be present.

The aim of the exercise is for each participant to put themselves and their amateur equipment through an emergency type of operation to see how well and how long they can operate.

All rules and instructions can be found on the parc-ares groups.io site in the “Files” section. If you plan to participate please send an email message to mailto:va3rmu@rac.ca.

A revised version of the PARC Bylaws has been posted under the “About Us” page on this site, or access the PDF direclty HERE

The PARC Homebrew Group Jitsi Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 15, 19:30 – 21:00. The room name is “PARC_HB”. See the schedule for all of our COVID-19 special video conference meetings HERE.

IMPORTANT!!! A 103.5 Hz Tone is REQUIRED to access the club’s repeater’s (both VHF and UHF)! Don’t forget to save the change in memory on your transceivers (some rigs will forget the change on power down if you don’t save).

If you live in the Brampton/Caledon neighborhood and have an interest in Amateur Radio, you’ve come to the right place. You’re sure to find activities of interest to you, and a great bunch of fellow radio enthusiasts.

Joining PARC is Easy

Download our membership form which is in PDF format. After you have printed it out and filled it in, either mail it or, better yet bring it in person to the next meeting!  Membership types and fees can be found on the form.

If you want to get your license, we can help! Why not come on out to one of our meetings and meet the gang? You will be most welcome.

The club meets on the first Tuesday of every month, except for July and August.

Keep in touch here on the website and on the club repeaters.

Join PARC Special Interest Groups on Yahoo Groups

(These links take you to Club-sponsored Yahoo Groups. To have full access you will have to register with Yahoo Groups. All these links open a new Tab)

PARC eGroup – This is a Yahoo eGroup for PARC members & friends.
Brampton-Caledon ARES – facilitates communications between the Club’s ARES members.
PARC Homebrew – a forum to discuss project ideas, homebrew techniques, etc.
Pi Guys – a group for folks interested in using the Raspberry pi mini computer.

Feel free to explore this site to discover more about the history of the club, activities, interest groups, and current news.  If you would like to learn more about the club or about amateur radio, please contact us. We would like to hear from you!

The Peel Amateur Radio Club is affiliated with the Radio Amateurs of Canada and encourages all members to become members of RAC.

The Peel Amateur Radio Club is a proud supporter of the City of Brampton.

We are also pleased to offer support to the Town of Caledon.

We are also a proud supporter of the Region of Peel.